A complimentary webinar hosted by Credit Research Foundation and presented by Cforia Software. 

View the webinar replay to hear a Best Practices Discussion about Reducing Deductions and Dispute Resolution Cycle Times. Lead by Credit Research Foundation's Bill Balduino, Cforia Software will share findings from the recently published CRF Q3 Business Journal article,"Unlike Fine Wine, Deductions Do Not Grow Better With Age..." authored by Cforia Software's COO, Chris Caparon. 

Disputes represent a $100B+ Annual issue to U.S. Businesses alone.

"With the uncertain future of global credit markets as a cheap and sustainable source for working capital, many companies are refocusing on unlocking working capital from their global receivables portfolios by leveraging Order-to Cash (OTC) Best Practices automation designed to help OTC teams optimize cash trapped in OTC processes and systems." - Chris Caparon

Sample Questions addressed include:
  • If the empirical payment evidence on your Clients' Behavior (e.g. Broken Payment Promises, Slow Pays, No Pays, Disputes and Deductions percentages) begins trending to the negative, do you have the systems in place to alert you?
  • Do all of your Global Dispute Resolvers have consistent process methodology and technology support systems to help then execute scalable, replicable and predictable outcomes?
  • Do you have systems in place today to help you automate Inter-Departmental Collaboration and Communication
Solutions to be presented include:
  • Collaboration Automation for accelerating resolution, including:
    • Support for your company's existing deductions, dispute and chargeback codes
    • Automated deductions collaboration assignment, tracking and escalation
    • Prioritizing deductions and disputes 
    • Integration with Internet Proof of Delivery
    • Document Imaging Support