Webinar: Easily Achieve PCI Compliance and Improve Customer Service with a B2B Payment Portal

Easily achieve PCI compliance and improve customer service with a B2B Payment Portal.

Lack of PCI compliance represents a major risk that can result in loss of reputation and significant fines for your business. Learn how to achieve both PCI compliance and improve customer service at the same time with a payment portal that is geared to business-to-business users:
  • Reputation and legal implications of credit card and bank account security breaches
  • Technical complexity involved in achieving PCI compliance internally
  • Token based security increases security and simplifies PCI compliance
  • Lower B2B transaction fees by encouraging ongoing electronic check transactions
  • Support multiple branding and complex customer hierarchies
  • Halt scheduled collection calls and letters instantly upon ePayment
  • Allow customers to release credit stopped orders themselves
  • Automate cash application for B2B where a single payment can settle thousands of invoices

This presentation will also cover the business case for Electronic Billing and Online Payments in lowering your corporate cost.
  • Employ your Financial Service Center to change callers into ePayers
  • Have a Merchant Bank Account to avoid Third Party Payer fees
  • Get your customer base to willingly contribute cash app services themselves
  • Market leading functionality without customer programming of your core ERP: SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Dynamics and many more