Webinar: Accelerating Billing & Online Payments Adoption

Electronic presentment and online payment solutions should provide real significant Return On Investment that is a function of process cost savings and working capital efficiency gains.

Unfortunately adoption rates have typically been low, so the full benefits have not been realized by most early adopters.
Learn how to improve both internal and customer adoption:

  • Electronic Solutions – Where’s the ROI?
  • Understanding resistance to Electronic Adoption.
  • Systematic Approach for Removing Barriers.
  • Identify differing internal personalities and how to get each type on board.
  • Develop and execute a marketing plan to drive customer adoption.
  • Customer touches that are designed to drive adoption.
  • Let customers know “What’s In It for Me” to convince them that switching from paper to online technology is in the their best interest.

This presentation will be based on strategies used by Transformation Management Consulting, LLC, to drive industry leading levels of electronic adoption and consent for paper suppression with Fortune 50 companies.