Webinar: Reduce Cost & DSO through Automated Dunning

The collection letter is one of the most important tools in a credit professional’s arsenal, but oftentimes it is a manual, time-consuming task. Many ERP systems lack the flexibility that your A/R Department needs to generate letters based on a customer classification, amount owed or delinquency. This lack in automation causes a delay in delivering the letter and inevitably leads to a delayed payment.


Automated dunning process provides free customer touches with existing headcount. User definable templates and automatic escalation allows the appropriate messages to be sent to your customers.

  • Learn to create dunning letters and statements that can be automatically sent via email, fax, or regular mail in minutes without IT support 
  • User definable rules engine for automatic escalation 
  • Embed financial details within letters 
  • The importance of real-time integration to prevent sending letters to customers who have already paid Matching each customer with the right business logic.