Webinar: Job Based Collections Strategies

Most ERP Systems were designed to meet the needs of large volume Manufacturers and Distributors. You cannot simply adopt their collection strategies and workflow to effectively use it to collect in an industry that is a better fit for Job Based Collections. Job Based Collection Strategies require less focus on dunning and collection calls and more emphasis on working with your customers to knock down barriers to payment.

Join Cforia Software on Tuesday, March 11th to learn how to improve your company‚Äôs cash flow and customer satisfaction by focusing on collections at the job level:  

  • Grant credit limits and track consumption at the contract level
  • Tracking the unique terms of job based collection receivables
  • Proactive management of Progress Payments to increase cash flow
  • Use database driven job site collaboration rather than spreadsheets and email
  • Automate tracking of important dates and deadlines including liens and bonds
  • Learn why technology companies can improve their collection results using job based collection techniques