Webinar: Double your A/R Department Call Volume

Most ERP Systems and bolt-on AR Automation Software fail to deliver productivity gains that will help your company achieve record DSO with less head count.  Calling against yesterday’s aging or simply clicking through too many screens and calling customers who are going to pay anyway isn't going to get the job done.

Learn how to improve your company’s cash flow and customer satisfaction empowering your staff to “call with confidence”:

  • Real-time integration with cash receipts is a critical requirement for getting
    your staff to simply pick up the phone and start making twice their daily call
  • Learn why nightly batch update bolt-ons are quickly relegated to becoming a
    notes system that requires duplicate data entry and copying and pasting.
  • Use Days-Beyond-Terms analysis to prioritize beyond your ERP system’s
    simplistic aging to avoid calling customers who will pay you anyway.
  • Learn how concentrating your department’s calling efforts on customers who
    need to be called provides results that greatly exceed simply doubling your
    calls per collector.
  • Bring more cash in the door by focusing efforts on large balance customers
    who will not pay without being pressed to pay.
  • Yet, understand automation and its role in keeping small balance customers