Webinar: Collections Prioritization

One of the most inefficient collection methods still used all too often today by A/R Departments is to prioritize your day based on an aging report. The aging report allows staff to base collection calls on how past due an invoice or account is, however, there are a number of other factors that need to be considered before picking up the phone.

The one-size-fits all approach to B2B collections is no longer enough to get the job done. Today’s most efficient A/R Departments utilize smarter data to prioritize their work days. They use automation and workflows to target the right customers instead of engaging in a marathon of phone calls.

Learn how you can improve overall A/R Department efficiency through prioritization and a targeted collection strategy:

  • View deductions separate from collectible amounts to concentrate calling efforts on customers who need to be called
  • Create sortable, customizable views within one workbench without printing aging reports
  • Use query templates to create segmented customer portfolios
  • Use Days-Beyond-Terms analysis to prioritize beyond your ERP system’s simplistic aging to avoid calling customers who will pay you anyway
  • Learn how concentrating your department’s calling efforts on customers who need to be called provides results that greatly exceed simply doubling your calls per collector
  • Focus your department’s efforts on large balance accounts while automating customer touches with lower balance accounts