Webinar: Automated Credit Management to Avoid Bad Debt

Automated credit and collections techniques to convert more net receivables into cash and avoid bad debtors.

In today’s economy, maximizing net receivables to cash efficiency is key to a corporation’s success. In these difficult economic times your Accounts Receivable Department assumes the delicate role of identifying struggling customer profiles, managing risk and must instantly decide whether to release an order or not.

Replay this webinar to learn how Days Past Due trend analysis will help your company make quicker order hold and release transactions.
  • Automatically calculates days past due for every customer
  • Track DPD trends and consumption of credit limit to anticipate rather than react to credit risk
  • Offer customer friendly service with immediate order hold and release functionality
  • Automate letters, email and faxes
  • Track separate clean and dirty receivables for higher departmental effectiveness
This presentation will also cover enhanced credit and collections workflows:
  • Expedite credit hold and order release
  • Automate credit analysis
  • Elevate effectiveness of your A/R staff
  • Convert more net receivables into cash
  • Avoiding bad debtors
  • Decrease DSO by 10 to 20% in 90 days