Webinar: Automate EDI Processing

Are you manually coding Deductions and Disputes from EDI-820 remittance advice received from your Big Box and Large Manufacturing Customers?

Does your company have a room full of people sitting in front of two screens looking at EDI based reports and manually hunting for invoices to apply the transactions in your ERP system.

EDI-820 remittance advice is generated automatically by the world’s largest companies, and yet often their vendors are still manually entering the payments and coding deductions.  ERP system limitations prevent automating this manual process, without difficult custom programming.

Join us on Thursday, September 13th, as we present a business improvement process that will achieve 90 – 95% straight through processing of EDI-820 remittances without reliance upon custom programming.

  • Quickly map to customer specific raw EDI files without custom programming or expensive stand alone EDI software.
  • Capture customer specific deduction and dispute codes and auto apply them
    concurrently with cash application.
  • Lower bank lockbox fees by receiving raw EDI files directly, cutting out the middleman.
  • Drive seven figure reductions in IT expense by sunsetting expensive legacy systems that are primarily dedicated to preprocessing EDI files into formats that are consumable by modern ERP systems including SAP, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Oracle and MS Dynamics.
  • Faster recognition of Deductions and Disputes to drive down Days Deductions
  • Correct for customers who pay with the “wrong” number, which includes invoice numbers with digits missing from the beginning or end, or has had additional digits added, and even handle customers who pay with their purchase order instead of your invoice number.
  • Handle time differences between remits and remittance advice.
  • Increase cash application automation and reduce bank lockbox fees further by
    encouraging small and medium size customers to provide remittance advice in
    spreadsheet and csv formats.