Webinar: Auto-Reconcile Multi-Location Retail Store Cash & Charges

Auto-reconciling cash received versus cash booked with multiple retail locations is a business problem that no ERP system has adequately solved. This demonstration goes through the list of issues and resolutions for retail reconciliations.

Learn how to improve efficiency and accuracy for reconciling retail store cash receipts:

  • Auto-reconciling difference in GL postings to bank statements up to certain tolerance amounts or percentages.
  • Auto-uploading bank statements and auto-coding charges, interest payments, sweeps and other manual transactions.
  • Auto-uploading credit card statements and auto-coding charges to specific ledger codes including specific coding for specific stores.
  • Reconciliation Reporting, Audit Capabilities, Security Groups and Languages.
  • Dealing with bank statements from multiple banks and receiving files in multiple different formats.
  • Displaying and recording bank account movements and balances including receipts movements and payments from which forms the basis for cash forecasting.
  • Reconciling payment in transit accounts or suspense accounts.
  • Handling timing difference between receiving cash on your statement and your general ledger bookings.
  • Learn tricks of the trade for increasing auto-matching your reconciliations including data prefix stripping, suffix stripping, summed matches and auto-populating additional reference fields.

This presentation will be based on strategies used by Cashbook to drive over 100% cash reconciliation productivity gains at a major restaurant chain with multiple store locations.