Webinar: Managing A/R across Parent/Child Hierarchies

It is a business necessity to create customer hierarchies in accounts receivable.

Corporations have the ability to structure these account groups in a variety of ways, according to their specific industry standards, operating responsibilities and reporting demands. As a vendor, it is crucial to have tools in place to properly manage the orders, billing and collection of cash for each business unit. Collecting from parent and even grandparent accounts typically differs from that of the child accounts and maintaining visibility over each unit is key to ensuring no account falls through the cracks.

Learn how to customize your collection processes by account type and maximize A/R Visibility:
  • Setting up customer hierarchy in your A/R automation workbench
  • Identify proper workflow for billing and collecting from both parent and child accounts
  • Headquarters, corporate accounts
  • Account type
  • Consolidated view of accounts at each level
  • Defining rules by account type
  • Aging buckets