Cforia.autonomy™, a completely new enterprise software suite for replacing traditional solutions for managing Order-to-Cash (OTC) Lifecycles and Accounts Receivable, has received global visibility as a leading solution for working capital improvement.

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Underwriter Laboratories
Underwriter Laboratories
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A single productivity platform to streamline your financial shared service operations

Cforia.autonomy™ enables authorized users to rapidly model working capital outcomes and workloads by capacity, using Cforia’s Capacity Driven Headcount ManagementSM. Within minutes, management can reassign priorities by individual resources or shared services teams, by customer segmentation and appropriate treatment strategy. Users have the ability to measure how the global teams are performing against the new order-to-cash model and if the model is delivering expected results. If the results are not measuring up, the Cforia Capacity ModelingSM process has the ability to change priorities on-the-fly, in real-time.